News from Hope Home in Thailand

By January 26, 2017Archive

Hope Home news:

Last prayer letter I spoke about the necessary move of Hope Home to new premises. So, on the day after my return from Home Assignment, we nally moved out from our old premises and moved all remaining stuff, children and staff over to our new and expanding premises. We will have a fantastic place and I am excited at the way all aspects are coming together, but temporarily we are all adjusting to living in a house which is in the process of being built around
us.  All our mobile children are exhibiting skills in brick laying, plastering, oor laying, tile grouting ….the list is endless. Our handyman has single-handedly seen the vision of how to make something new (out of old reused material mostly) and we praise God for the provision of such a man with a heart to create the best home possible for our very special and dearly loved children. His faith in a God who would provide for all our needs is a true testimony…he saw the potential in this new house way ahead of the rest of us, and had the confidence to persuade us that God was leading
us to this point in the history of the family of Hope Home. We are renting a premises that is owned by a dear friend now back living in Australia and this house has previously been home to many orphaned children placed in her foster care until their adoption. It is wonderful to see this home once more be a shelter and place of growth and refuge for Thai children once more and a place where God’s love reigns.

Sometimes God’s timing of events seems odd to us, but more and more I am learning to trust in His timing, and know that He is in control. Two years ago we needed to send one of our 10 year old boys away to a large institution in Bangkok. I and a mission colleague have regularly visited Phil there and been praying for a way to return Phil to his lifelong home and family. This has been a tough two years for us, and for Phil too, so it has been wonderful that last week the way opened and cleared for Becca and I to go to Bangkok and bring Phil back home. He is now under the direct foster care of Becca, and living next door to the new Hope Home, so we can all help in his upbringing and care. Phil is happy to be home, remembers us all, however he has lost a lot of weight, forgotten many of his previous skills but we can say with con dence that God is in this, and in His life, and that healing and restoration will surely come.

CCT AIDS Ministry news:

CAM is undergoing a name change, which will be formalised next month at the CCT Assembly…..we are becoming CCT Ministry of Health Promotion, and will be linking up administratively and practically more with the Social Development Unit and with the Child protection unit of the CCT. Our name may change, but our mission and vision to reach out in love, acceptance and understanding to vulnerable people, especially those affected by HIV and AIDS, will not alter. The needs continue, and we as a ministry know our work as Servants of God is not yet done. The name change is because of the stigma still associated with the notion of AIDS, so for the sake of our clients we are trying to remove the source of further stigma if associated with CAM. Let me introduce one of our staff members, Mit, who has a huge heart for helping vulnerable people from the ethnic minority groups, primarily the Lahu people groups. He tirelessly seeks ways to help link them with sources of help, increasing their own sense of self-worth and self-independence, and increasing their knowledge of a God who truly cares for them and is concerned for them above all human compassion. Pray for him and his family, dedicating their lives to helping fellow Lahu people.

Thank you for the support and encouragement of the ministries here in Thailand, through your prayers, letters and emails and through your financial giving. Your generosity through BMS reaches into the hearts and lives of many people here, and on their behalf, thank you. Please consider regular support of BMS through the 24:7 Partner Scheme. The details of this can be found on the BMS website.

May God richly bless you in all that you are and do for Him wherever He has placed you, and I pray you know the peace and joy that comes from serving our Lord and Saviour.

Prayer points

• For the staff of Hope Home to know the Lord as their Saviour and closest friend

• For continued good health for all the children at Hope Home and in the respite care programme

• For Mit and his work among the Lahu people group, especially for those with HIV

• For wisdom and good time management skills for me please, and a renewed desire to be open to serve the Lord in whatever way He requires

Praise points

  • For protection over the Hope Home children, and for excellent health care facilities provided by the government.
  • For continued openness to be a Christian witness in Thailand despite changing political situations.Yours in ChristJudy Cook