This week’s Prayer request from BMS World Mission

By June 9, 2017Archive
  • Praise God – despite the bleak religious landscape in Europe, Evangelicals are growing in strength and confidence. Pray for BMS World Mission as we support them.
  • Disillusionment with the emptiness of secularism often leads to an interest in spirituality. Pray for BMS workers and European believers as they make Jesus known.
  • Economic, political and social upheaval and uncertainty may cause Europeans to ask questions about morals and meaning. Pray BMS workers will be able to respond.
  • Pray that BMS will help dynamic Christians who have moved to Europe from the Global South to be integrated and active in the Church.
  • Pray for BMS workers Ann and David MacFarlane, retiring after 24 years of continuous service in Italy. Pray too for the church they are leaving.
  • Give thanks for Tony Peck and Helle Liht, leading the BMS-supported European Baptist Federation (EBF), offering leadership, counsel and encouragement.
  • Pray for wisdom and strength for EBF indigenous missionaries, supported by BMS, who are sharing the gospel in their countries.