Not defeated – just delayed!

By June 25, 2021Blog

Although we were hoping to be a little further along the “after Covid” road, the lifting of restrictions has been delayed.  Although this means that some of our planned activities cannot take place, we have only postponed them – no cancellations here.

The service that had been planned for July 17th for Nicki to be inducted as Lay Pastor to GMBC and an opportunity to meet people will now take place on 25th September 2021.  Rather than try to rush things it is wise to simply delay some activities so that we can enjoy time together to chat and socialize without restrictions.

The first Friday Family Fun session will still take place on 9th July 2021.  It will mean that numbers will be restricted, masks worn and social distancing remain in place, but the plans are that the fun will still be present.

We look forward to welcoming as many people as possible despite the circumstances.