We also take an interest in Hope Farm in South Africa, where some wonderful work is being done with orphans in need of care.

To read more about the sacrificial and compassionate work please follow this linkhttp://farmingwithgodandalargefamily.blogspot.com/ or e-mail thembisa.hopefarm@gmail.com

Sharing our good news

Hi everyone and welcome to my first blog of 2015.

I am starting this year with a whole bunch of great news.

2014 was a really good year for us.Although things seemed to go slowly and we went through some  difficulties, it was worth it. We accomplished everything important to us which I will share more about shortly.

It was a year for us to make some important decisions about our future; how we are going  to make an increasingly bigger impact as a family, the type of life we want to lead and the type of believers God wants us to be. We decided on an action plan and look forward to implementing it over the next few years.

First bit of good news, the best news I could ever share with you, the best Christmas present we could ever have asked for. Just before everyone went on leave, we got calls from both our social workers with court dates for David and Zan’s adoptions. And just like that after all the drama and four years of waiting both Zan and David are now permanently part of our family.

Second good news, we bounced back from thereally tough winter

As always, the winter ended, Rain fell and filled our water tanks. The plants  and grass started growing again, the bees started work again making honey and quite soon the farm was back up and running providing as abundantly as ever.


Our Christmas party in Embo was a huge success this year, We invited 160 Grannies and 500 children and were able to provide them with a really special party with every child getting a new toy and lots of cake and drinks. It was such a special way to end a stressful year.

And then to end the year on a really high note, we got the resources to build our visitors camp site here at the farm.

This is hugely exciting for us as we believe God will use the increased accommodation to open up new ways that we can impact South Africa. Within the next three months we will be ready for teams, churches and individuals to come join us in helping the widow and the orphan.